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Hello! We see how many people all over the world love Siberia, its frosts and bears. It is important for us to be open and share the most valuable and inspiring things we have.

We make things for Siberian ambassadors - regardless of what country in the world he lives in and what language he speaks. Anyone who sincerely loves Siberia can become a Siberian.

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¡Hola! Vemos cuántas personas en todo el mundo aman Siberia, sus heladas y sus osos. Es importante para nosotros ser abiertos y compartir las cosas más valiosas e inspiradoras que tenemos.

Hacemos cosas para los embajadores de Siberia, independientemente del país del mundo en el que vivan y del idioma que hablen. Cualquiera que ame sinceramente Siberia puede convertirse en siberiano.

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I'm Siberian project was launched in 2012 and brought together hundreds of thousands of Siberia lovers. 40 countries on four continents. We have many friends.

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